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muster_psThe palazzo series by goldor´mosaico is the result of a highly ambitious craftsmanship.

The large-sized real glass tesserae with hand-painted and cast-in patterns feature unique colour shades and provide rooms with an entirely new atmosphere.

Whether retroperspective or modern mixtures, palazzo by goldor´mosaico advanced as favourite for very special design concepts.



The golden plate series by goldor´mosaico can be used for the following projects:

  • Panelling and floor coverings
  • In interior and exterior areas
  • For private rooms or offices and facilities
  • Also suitable for swimming pools, attractions and facades


  • 25 x 25 x 6 mm

Item order number

PS - in addition articlecode
(example: PS - PS 01 / MONTE)


Colour range

Note: Depending on your hardware, the colour rendering on the monitor can deviate slightly from the original shades.

(Updated: 09.2008)