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Why premium access?

The free premium access provides access to additional data and information about our products and ensures that all additional applications are available for you, e.g. the unicado Mix Generator and further downloads such as high-resolution and printable data sheets in PDF format.

These extended functions and additional information is primarily intended for tradespersons, architects and designers, for which reason a free registration is required.


What costs are involved with a premium access?

There are no costs involved - all that is required is your registration; followed by an activation of additional data and information, which will also allow you to make full use of our website and the available additional applications and downloads.


Setting of the premium access.

Your premium account is set up in no time after filling in a brief form, confirming the activation link in our confirmation mail and logging successfully into your account.


What does the premium access exactly offer?

The following applications, downloads, data and information are activated via the premium access and are available free of charge after having successfully logged in: